As a Procurement Services consultant with significant experience in healthcare strategic sourcing, PMI helps our clients to maximize the value that they receive for their expenditure.  

We collaborate with an extensive network of vendors globally to be able to present the most efficient and cost effective solutions available to our clients.

With a list of satisfied clients including hospitals and clinics, PMI is fully versed in working in conjunction with clients to define and successfully reach organization-wide goals. Our comprehensive solutions helps organisations manage their budget while keeping medical staff on the floor.

We also have a team of highly skilled and experienced Certified Radiologists, providing radiology reporting services of all imaging modalities, including MRI, Neuro, Body, Musculoskeletal, screening chest CT examinations & Coronary CT angiography.



PMI's Procurement expertise helps to automate the purchasing function of our customers. Activities including raising and approving purchase orders and paying bills are handled electronically.

The key benefit for our customers include ease of administration and potential long-term cost savings. Having a single interface for procurement related management cuts down the time and resources our customers need to allocate to this function.

As for Teleradiology, Precision Medical Imaging utilises the latest in Technology to assist in turnaround time and accuracy.

The systems we use were built from the ground up over many years and have an emphasis on quality control & user friendly functionalities. The systems are continuosly being upgraded to ensure we have the latest technologies at our disposal. We ensure compliance with all policies and procedures, which benefits both medical facilities and patients.

Quality Assurance

Precision Medical Imaging (PMI)'s procurement and consulting services professionals are in the healthcare industry and have been operating for and on behalf of multi-national companies for many years.

The extensive network of brands and vendors which we have relationships with have quality assurance objectives which are inline with PMIs high standards.

Precision Medical Imaging radiologists are Singapore certified, and are sub-specialty trained. The radiologists as well as supporting technician(s) have many years of experience behind them.

The radiologists spend as much time as needed on your studies, taking the proper time to carefully review every case and produce a detailed report.

As part of the teleradiology quality assurance program, our radiologists’ miss rates and a sampling of cases are reviewed regularly to ensure top-notch performance.

Customers' feedback are stored and reviewed regularly.

Quality assurance remains a cornerstone of our service.


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Please feel free to reach out to us with any enquiries. Our firendly and professional staff will endeavour to assist you in anyway possible.