Our Approach

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in the Healthcare industry.

We have operated internationally for many multi-nationals and are familiar with challenges that present themselves on cross-border issues.

Our procurement and consultancy services at all times adhere to compliance with various local and international regulations and advise customers accordingly. We remain professional at all times.

Radiology has become an indispensable tool of health care.

The various imaging modalities preferred by clinics and hospitals necessitate that radiologists use cutting edge technology.

There is an acute shortage of radiologists with the ever increasing number of imaging modalities and quantum increase in workload & the scenario is even more acute for subspecialty radiologists.

At Precision Medical Imaging, to meet the ever-increasing demand, we believe teleradiology plays a significant role in providing diagnostic radiological services i) to setups who do not have radiologists ii) to assist in enabling round-the-clock availability of radiologists & iii) resulting in significant cost saving for the administrators.

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Please reach out to us on +65  if you have any questions about our services. Our friendly and professional staff will endeavour to assist you in anyway possible.